Mac & Mac Pick: The end of a tortoise love tale

By WEEK Producer

June 11, 2012 Updated Jun 11, 2012 at 10:39 PM CDT

The latest AARP bulletin says there's an increase in divorce in older couples, so perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise.

Bibi and Poldi are a couple of 115 year old tortoises at a zoo in Austria.

After more than a century together, Bibi and Poldi's love has apparently turned sour.

The first clue for zoo staff - Bibi attacked Poldi by biting off a chunk of his shell.

Then there were more attacks until Poldi was moved to another enclosure.

The zoo has tried to get the two to reconcile by feeding them "good mood food" and getting them to engage in games, but so far, no luck.

So much for couple's counseling.

Zoo staff say they don't understand what caused the couple to grow apart.

My guess is she heard the same jokes just too many times.