Mac & Mac's Pick: You're at the wrong airport

By WEEK Producer

July 27, 2012 Updated Jul 27, 2012 at 10:55 PM CDT

So what would it be like if a plane landed at the wrong airport...a really small airport?

Fortunately, we know exactly what it would be like.

The plane ended up screeching to a halt 10ft from the end of the runway.

Presumably, the plane crew had planned to land at MacDill Air Force Base which is four miles away, and a lot larger.

The Air Force isn't saying what happened, but plenty of people showed up at the airport to look at the five story aircraft.

Especially when they heard it was going to take off from the same short strip of tarmac.

And it did, presumably to land four miles away at MacDill Air Force Base.

We're also pretty sure the pilot, whoever it is, has a new nickname by now.