Mac & Mac's Pick: Pyongyang style

By WEEK Producer

November 14, 2012 Updated Nov 15, 2012 at 10:46 AM CDT

SEOUL, South Korea -- In 2002, 20 North Korean artists escaped from their homeland and fled to South Korea.

They formed the Pyongyang Folk Art Troupe.

Seoul's Korea Export- Import Bank invited them to perform Wednesday demonstrating the traditional dances and songs which are common to the two Koreas.

The Dance Troupe's leader told Journalists in Seoul she hoped for reunification between the two Koreas.

Then the troupe demonstrated what they had learned in their time in the more Westernized South by launching into a "Gangnam style" dance.

South Korean rapper Psy's famous horse riding dance has been performed by people around the world.

Now, it has been added to the folk art performances.

All right, North Koreans, this is what you're missing.