Mac & Mac's Pick: Slow TV

By WEEK Producer

November 6, 2013 Updated Nov 6, 2013 at 11:54 PM CDT

HORDALAND, NORWAY -- Earlier this month, Norway's NRK-TV started a 'slow t-v" program.

"Slow-TV" is described as marathon coverage of an ordinary event.

NRK showed twelve hours.... all about knitting.

Knitting's a national past time in Norway and for the show, a woman knitted a sweater from scratch, from her own sheep's wool.

Another group of women knitted a cover for a Harley-Davidson.

Norwegians could also follow the show on social media.

The show's called "National Knitting Evening" and comes after a very popular show on a seven and half hour train ride....which took seven and a half hours to televise.