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Mac & Mac's Pick: Name That Creek!

By WEEK Reporter

December 27, 2011 Updated Dec 27, 2011 at 11:14 PM CDT

How about this: a creek in Iowa...named by you. It could happen.

In Kalona, Iowa, naming rights for a creek are going on eBay.

Right now, the creek is simply called "West Drainage Ditch."

Kalona residents wanted something a little better, so earlier this month, it put the naming rights up for bids on eBay.

The winning bid was the "Baniku Kinishi Creek."

That Japanese phrase means "Horse Meat Prohibited," which might have gotten the horse vote, but Kalona city leaders didn' t like that.

So, the name was rejected, and naming rights to the creek are going back on the block.

Double entendre's and so-fourth will not be accepted.