Mac & Mac's Pick: Reptile Wranglers

By WEEK Producer

February 7, 2012 Updated Feb 7, 2012 at 11:18 PM CDT

Pythons are multiplying at such an alarming rate in parts of Florida, that some emergency workers are being taught how to catch them.

They're rivaling the alligators as the top predators in the Everglades and they're heading north.

The snakes, raised as pets, were released to fend on their own. they've done a really good job of it.

This Burmese Python weighs 90 pounds and is 13 feet long. This type of snake is multiplying in the Everglades.

Around 175 emergency workers all over the southern half of the state are part of python patrol.

It's part of a multi-agency effort among wildlife experts to be ready when more python sightings happen.

Their plans include having response teams in place to handle python emergencies.

So far, there's no count of how many are in the Everglades, but the group hopes to find that out too.