Mac & Mac's Pick: A Little Fender Bender

By WEEK Producer

December 5, 2011 Updated Dec 5, 2011 at 11:25 PM CDT

This could be the most expensive car pile-up in history. Crumpled Ferraris and other super cars littered a Japanese highway after a huge crash on Sunday.

14 luxury sports cars collided with each other on a highway in South-Western Japan as they were speeding on their way to a car show.

Some of the world's most desirable vehicles were reduced to little more than scrap metal.

Their normally sleek bodywork twisted and battered.

Eight Ferraris, three Mercedes, a Lamborghini and two Toyotas were involved in the crash. Ten drivers were taken to hospital with bruises and cuts but there were no serious injuries.

According to witnesses the cars were traveling more than 90 miles per hour before the accident.