Mac & Mac's Pick: A dead race

By WEEK Reporter

November 9, 2012 Updated Nov 9, 2012 at 12:01 AM CDT

It's one thing to lose an election, but it's another thing to lose to a dead person. But that is what happened several times in Tuesday's election.

In Bibb County, Al. Charles Beasley was elected to the County Commission. Defeating an incumbent Candidate.

Beasley had died October 12th.

In Orlando, Fl. Earl Wood was re-elected County Tax Collector. Wood had died in June at the age of 96.

And in Rochester, MN. city council President Dennis Hanson was re-elected, although he too died last June.

In this case, his family kept his campaign going, thinking it wouldn't be fair to have just one name on the ballot.

The Council re-election will cost about $60,000.