Mac & Mac's Pick: An Costly Joy Ride

By WEEK Reporter

December 21, 2011 Updated Dec 21, 2011 at 11:37 PM CDT

Here's the set up: this man, David Dopp, won a brand new Lamborgihni sports car worth $350,000 dollars last month.

Last Saturday, the Lambo was delivered. Six hours later, David Dopp was calling for a tow truck.

He told Salt Lake City reporters that that he was giving a ride to a friend and took a curve at about 50 mph, only to find he was spinning on black ice.

He hit a fence post, damaging the fender and stop light and blew an expensive tire.

David has insurance and he can get the car fixed.

The damaged Lamborghini is on its way to Las Vegas for repairs.

He is looking for buyers and with that money he says he's going to pay out some bills and buy his wife a new car.