Mac & Mac's Pick: Colorado Koi

By WEEK Reporter

November 21, 2012 Updated Nov 21, 2012 at 11:39 PM CDT

COLORADO -- The Colorado Division of Parks And Wildlife did some unusual fishing Monday at a Boulder, Colorado Pond. First, they were fishing by the bucket...and they were pulling out close to 2,000 Koi out of Thunderbird Pond.

Where the fish came from is a mystery.

It was earlier this year that officials with Boulder Parks and Recreation began to notice changes in the pond.

What may have been just a few fish dumped in the pond a few years ago - has now turned into a big problem so workers are fishing them out.

But the Koi are going to a good home...sort of.

All of the fish will be given to the Birds of Prey sanctuary, which is a raptor rehabilitation program in Broomfield, Colorado, where they will become Thanksgiving...and possibly...Christmas dinner. And Lunch. And Breakfast.