Mac & Mac's Pick: No Expiration Date

By WEEK Producer

February 2, 2012 Updated Feb 2, 2012 at 11:39 PM CDT

In 1948, America and its allies flew thousands of tons of food into Berlin --after the Soviet Union blocked access to the city.

The airlift went on for eleven months -- delivering all kinds of supplies. And, as it turns out, someone kept some of it.

Among the supplies sent to the Germans: cans of lard made by swift and company.

Hans Feldmeier was a student in 1948 when he received a care package from the US.

He's 87 now and says he never threw away the can of lard.

Today, he arrived at a German Department of Agriculture lab to see if the lard was still edible.

Feldmeier believes people these days throw good food away just because of expiration dates.

Everyone smelled it and said it was okay.

Then they spread the lard on some bread and ate it.

They said it was a little gritty but certainly edible.

The can had no expiration date, by the way.