Mac & Mac's Pick: People Catchers Club

By WEEK Reporter

July 18, 2013 Updated Jul 19, 2013 at 9:52 AM CDT

WOODRUFF, Wis. -- Nobody knows exactly when or who it started, but if you visit Woodruff, Wisconsin to fish, you can join the People Catchers Club.

Last season alone 105 people joined the club.

They are the people who manage to put a hook in themselves, or someone else, and end up in the Emergency Room of the Eagle River Memorial Hospital.

They get a People Catchers Club card and a Ministry Healthcare Bobber.

Their lures can end up on the Wall of Fame...not all of them though.

"We always ask people if they want to hang their lure on the wall of fame or if they want to take the lure. In this case the gentleman said it was his favorite lure and he was taking it along. He walked out of the ER and threw the lure on the seat of his truck and then climbed in, and came back five minutes later with it in his buttock," said Dr. Roderick Brodhead, EMS Medical Director.

Well, that was probably embarrassing. So, to everyone who's ever hooked a friend or themselves know you are not alone