Mac & Mac's Pick: Super Promotions

By WEEK Reporter

June 6, 2013 Updated Jun 6, 2013 at 10:56 PM CDT

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL -- The Sears World Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois was surrounded by super-persons Wednesday.

There were 566 of them officially. Really, there were probably more.

In the new movie, Superman's adoptive father works at a Sears store.

That may not have been in the comic book, but times change and what's a movie without a little cross-promotion.

Sears employees set a new mark for Supermen aggrigations for the Guinness Book of World Records during their lunchhour, destroying the old record of 437 Supermen.

Seven hundred costumes were handed out, but over a hundred men and women of steel wimped out and went back to work before being counted.

This record may not last.

The folks at the Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois are hoping to set a new mark this Sunday. You can make your own costume.