Mac & Mac's Pick: Tattoo company logo for raise?

By WEEK Producer

May 2, 2013 Updated May 2, 2013 at 10:49 PM CDT

NEW YORK CITY -- The question is: would you get a tattoo of your company's logo...for a 15% raise? This is not a hypothetical question.

The employees of "Rapid Realty" of New York City are asking themselves that question.

So far, at least 40 of the them have said "yes". The tattoo can be any size, any location.

The owner got the idea from an employee who got a "Rapid Realty" tattoo before there was any thought of a pay raise connected to it.

Almost all of the Rapid Realty employees are on commission, starting at 25%. Getting a tattoo bumps them up to 40%.

The owner hasn't got a tattoo...yet...but says he may when he has 100 offices opened.

There are 62 now, so he has some time.