Mac & Mac's Pick: The Teodora

By WEEK Reporter

January 18, 2012 Updated Jan 18, 2012 at 11:18 PM CDT

The stone is called "the Teodora. The name means Gift of God. It's the world's largest cut emerald.

The emerald weighs 25 pounds, and Gem dealer Regan Reaney is used to dealing with precious stones...but this may be the ultimate.

It's 57-thousand carats.

A gemologist was brought in to make sure it's all one emerald...without being fused to another rock.

The appraisal -- a million dollars.

Reaney isn't saying how much he paid for the emerald, but says he's already got a couple of interested in Houston, the other in Dubai...willing to part with a million dollars for the stone.

The plan is to put it up for auction on January 28th.