Mac & Mac's Pick: The Walkie-Talkie

By WEEK Reporter

September 3, 2013 Updated Sep 4, 2013 at 9:53 AM CDT

There is a new building in London they call "The Walkie-Talkie".

The concave shape of the skyscraper, as it turns out, focuses the sun's rays across the street and that in turn has some Londoners hot under the collar.

How hot is it?

This man is frying an egg in the reflection off the 27 story building. A thermometer registers 93 degrees Celsius, about 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

Part of a rug has started smoking and a man who parked his jaguar on the street below the building found the plastic parts starting to melt.

The building owner said they will pay for car repairs and are looking to dull the windows on the building.

Meanwhile, parking across the street is not off-limits.