Mac & Mac's Pick: The World's Largest Camera

By WEEK Producer

February 15, 2012 Updated Feb 15, 2012 at 11:15 PM CDT

CHICAGO, Ill. -- In a Chicago studio, there is what may be the largest camera in the world.

The camera is hand-built, a throwback to cameras of more than a century ago.

In Dennis Manarchy's studio, the camera fills almost the entire room.

It's a 12 feet tall, 35 feet long and eight feet wide.

A huge camera that produces original film negatives six feet tall.

The resolution of that negative is about a thousand times greater than anything else available on the planet.

The photos can be enlarged to two and a half stories high and the detail is incredible.

It is all part of a million dollar project that will travel the country recording our vanishing cultures: Eskimos, Native Americans, cowboys, Appalachians, Cajuns, and many more.

Just in case you're thinking of having your photo taken like this ... the cost is $50,000.