Mac & Mac's Pick: The agony of victory

By WEEK Reporter

June 4, 2013 Updated Jun 4, 2013 at 10:45 PM CDT

DOVER'S HILL, ENGLAND -- Yes, win or lose, this is going to hurt...

It's time for the annual shin-kicking contest in England.

It's part of what's called "the cotswold olympics" and it's pretty rough.

The shin-kicking championships is one of the most popular events at the festivities, if you're not getting kicked.

It's a tradition to stuff your pants with hay to lessen the pain.

Even with the padding, the sport comes with the real danger of sprains and other injuries, so only a few are brave enough to enter the ring.

The sport involves more than just delivering random blows, as tripping is allowed as well.

Last year's champion won again this year.