Mac & Mac's Pick: Tips for a brighter future

By WEEK Reporter

February 4, 2014 Updated Feb 4, 2014 at 11:46 PM CDT

CALEDONIA, IL. -- Three young woman are happy in Boone County, after finding themselves on the receiving end of a big tip.

The three waitresses, Amber, Amy and Sarah, were talking last Saturday about Amber's school loans, and Amy's desire to go back to college.

A middle-aged woman eating an omelet overheard them.

Then she wrote a check...for five thousand dollars...for each of them.

"It means a lot. Well, we all want to go back to school. Everybody has
bills," Amber Kariolich, waitress.

"I hope that one day I have the amount to do the same thing to somebody else," Amy Sabani, waitress.