Mac & Mac's Pick: Unwanted Dinner Guests

By WEEK Reporter

July 12, 2013 Updated Jul 12, 2013 at 10:42 PM CDT

TEIGNMOUTH, UK -- It's holiday time in England, and on the South Devon Coast the sun-seekers have arrived.

As have some other --less-wanted-- guests. But one restaurant is taking aim at the unwelcome.

The Dairy Maid Cafe in Teignmouth attracts the hungry tourists.

Unfortunately, the cafe also attracts seagulls.

Now, the owner of the cafe has equipped his staff with water pistols to keep the flying food-stealers away.

Customers who want to try their hand at bird-squirting are welcome to give it a shot.

He'd like to take some more permanent measures against the birds, but they are protected.

He says a squirt from the water pistols does not harm them, but just "shocks" them enough to deter least for a while.