Mac & Mac's Pick: World's fastest sprinter on all fours

By WEEK Reporter

November 15, 2012 Updated Nov 16, 2012 at 11:18 AM CDT

TOKYO, JAPAN -- In Japan, they're marking out a 100 meter course for an unusual race.

First, the headline for this story: 30-year-old Kenichi Ito broke the Guinness World Records Thursday.

Mr. Ito is now the world's fastest sprinter on four limbs and not for the first time.

Thursday,at a track in Toyko, he clocked a time of 171/2 seconds for running 100 meters on all fours.

In doing so, he broke his own record of more than 181/2 seconds set back in 2008. 

After setting the record, he told reporters that hopes that one day racing on four legs will become an official track and field sport.