Mac & Mac's pick: engine cat

By WEEK Producer

March 29, 2013 Updated Mar 29, 2013 at 10:24 PM CDT

We've heard of an engine purring like a kitten but this is just silly.

This story comes from Nebraska and it started when Mike Kerkman took his car into get an oil change.

When they lifted the hood, there was a cat in the engine compartment. Stuck!

What was supposed to be a quick lube oil change, turned into a rescue operation. The cat had gotten stuck in a hole under the hood by the washer fluid.

A local vet was called to provide a sedative to calm the cat.

So, they removed the front bumper, cut a bigger hole in the metal around the kitty's neck and the farm cat was removed.

The cat, named "Sierra", after the type of vehicle she was stuck in was back home a short time later.

Mike Kerkman said they didn't have to pay for the oil change