Mac & Mac's pick: komodo dragon babies

By WEEK Producer

March 18, 2013 Updated Mar 18, 2013 at 10:45 PM CDT

Seven baby komodo dragons have been successfully hatched at a zoo in Indonesia.

And aren't they cute in a Velociraptor kind of way. Given enough time, that will change.

The hatchlings currently weigh about five ounces each and are being fed pieces of meat.

This is a pretty sweet deal for a baby dragon, since in nature they are on their own from the moment they come out of the egg. They climb trees to keep away from the adults who would eat them.

This could partly explain why the species is endangered.

According to the website, "Reptile Expert", the biggest obstacle to breeding dragons may be telling the males apart from the females.

Over the years, the babies will grow to ten feet long and develop toxic saliva....just like mom.