Mac & Mike's Pick: The Sultan of Swing

By WEEK Reporter

January 7, 2011 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 3:50 AM CDT

Meet David "Ogie" Ogron....yes, that's his real hair.

You could call him the sultan of swing...if you wanted alliteration and remembering "Dire Straits".

But, we're getting away from David "Ogie" Ogron...our topic.

'Ogie' is--he says - the world's fastest golfer.

As proof of this, he holds five world records in the sport of 'speed golf'.

His club speed of 120 miles per hour. He can hit 133 balls in 2 minutes. His hair reminds us of Dick Versace.

Today he will try to break one of his records at the Houston 'Aeros' game-- by hitting 50 balls in 30 seconds.

He says the Guiness Records people say you can't just tap the ball...that it's got to be a genuine hit...

That should provide a new challange for his his trusty ball feeder 'Speedy'.

Whatever Ogie is paying Speedy --it's not enough.