Mac & Mike's Pick: Dancing With The Starch

By WEEK Reporter

May 3, 2011 Updated May 3, 2011 at 10:41 PM CDT

Think of it as "dancing with the starch."

A young man in China decided pressing pants doesn't have to be a boring way to make a living.

So, he's decided to become an entertainer. That's sort of how Chuck got into weather.

29 year old Liu Ciang decided to spice up the cleaning biz. It took a lot of practice to get this good with an iron. These are some smooth moves as he smoothes the clothes to what might be called "Country and Eastern Music".

Customers enjoy the show, which liu calls "fancy ironing." he highly advises against trying it for yourself. After all, irons are heavy, not to mention they can reach temperatures of about 400 degrees.