Mac & Mike's Pick: Old Jail Inn

By WEEK Producer

August 25, 2011 Updated Aug 25, 2011 at 11:14 PM CDT

It's the Parke County, Indiana jail. Make that FORMER Parke County, Indiana jail.

Now, it's the Old Jail Inn....a bed and breakfast. Maybe that should be "cot and Breakfast".

Parke County's jail was in use from 1879 through 1998.

The building sat vacant until last year, when Debra Ackerman tried to buy a cell door and had to buy the whole place.

There are nine rooms. The first floor cell block has five 7-by-7 cells.

Inmates - guests -- share the bathroom and the original shower the prisoners used.

Upstairs...once murderers row... is now home to two suites that are very private.

Earlier this year, Ackerman turned that drunk tank into -- what else -- a winery.

The old jail inn is open seven days a week, and hosts many events... including family reunions, birthday parties and even weddings.