Mac & Mike's Pick: Pinto Stampede

By WEEK Producer

May 31, 2011 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 2:25 AM CDT

It's a stampede.....or a sort.

That, in fact, is what they're calling a national gathering of Ford Pintos...
...the Pinto Stampede--such as it making it's way across the country.

It's proof that for everything that's created...there's someone who'll love it...

The Pinto stampede started in Boulder, Colorado on Saturday, went through southern Illinois today…and will end in the Ford nationals in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

The trip marks the 40th anniversary of the Pinto. Along the way, drivers are accepting donations for the "Wounded Warriors' Project".

The stampede's organizer says while the Pinto has gotten a much publicized bad rap for bursting into flames when hit from behind in a collision.

After a lawsuit, Ford did make modifications to the car.

Organizers expect there to be about 32 pintos taking part in the stampede by the time it reaches Pennsylvania.