Mac and Mac's Pick: Boldly going where no burrito has gone before

By WEEK Producer

February 21, 2012 Updated Feb 21, 2012 at 11:14 PM CDT

Two Kansas teens accomplished something NASA has never even attempted, launching a burrito into space!

Great Bend teens Jeff Keenan and Aaron Mull spent three months researching the project and rigged a seven foot weather balloon ahead of Saturday's launch.

They attached a Go Pro camera and Keenan's own iPhone, which was used to track the 100,000 foot journey, to the burrito balloon.

The two were even able to capture the main shot they wanted: the blackness of space, the sun in the background and the blue ozone layer of the earth.

The contraption floated for ten hours before landing 100 miles away in Solomon.

Mull said they were inspired by a video they saw in school, "We actually saw a video at the beginning of the school year about someone sending up a camera on a balloon. And we wanted to do something creative and out there. And we just thought why not send a burrito up there?"

In case you ever wondered what a burrito tastes like after it returns a cosmo trip, Mull says it tasted like cold ravioli.