Mac and Mac's Pick: Zebra loose at zoo in Tokyo

By WEEK Producer

February 1, 2013 Updated Feb 4, 2013 at 5:04 AM CDT

They're ready and their armed for a vicious animal attack..

A zebra got loose at a zoo in Tokyo Friday, armed with nets, sticks, radios and a tranquilizer gun.

The zoo staff was prepared, because they knew it was coming. It was part of a disaster drill at the zoo.

The fake zebra, played by one of the newest employees was trying to escape, maybe too well. After that, the dart guns came out.

That'll teach the rookie to show off for the cameras. If there is an academy award for over acting as a mascot in an animal suit, this person, male or female, should win.

Going down, down, down, now up, and finally down.