Mac and Mac's Pick: Buried Treasure

By WEEK Reporter

December 19, 2011 Updated Oct 26, 2013 at 2:16 AM CDT

ENGLAND -- As it turns out, some of the richest buried treasure in the world is under the farm fields of England.

A 1,000 year old Viking silver was just unearthed, and this week, it was displayed at the British Museum. Last year, 53,000 Roman coins were found in a single pot. Two years ago, a multi-million dollar stash of ancient gold.

That's why this band of Americans, brandishing metal detectors, descend on England every year in search of riches in the mud.

Everything from a 600-year old medieval spoon to what looked like a hunk of rock, and turned out to be a 2,000 year old Roman broach were located while cameras watched.

The most amazing part of all: these guys give all their treasure away to museums. It is, they say, all about the thrill of the hunt.