Mac and Mac's Pick: Four Violins

By WEEK Producer

December 10, 2012 Updated Dec 11, 2012 at 10:52 AM CDT

It's a record all right, but is it music? A violinist in Ukraine made it into the record book on Monday by playing four violins at the same time.

Oleksandr Bozhyk has been practicing for just two months. He admitted that he was a little nervous when he warmed up backstage.

He said he was inspired to make classical music more interesting to the public. His father, an engineer, helped him put together the four instruments.

For the record, there's one violin under his chin, two others tucked against his chest, and a fourth in his right armpit.

He set his record after playing longer than a minute and a half. How well he played is hard to tell since the orchestra drowned him out, but now he wants to try playing five violins.