Mac and Mac's Pick: Robbery Fail

By WEEK Producer

December 16, 2011 Updated Nov 3, 2013 at 12:05 PM CDT

It wasn't easy. They had to talk for an hour to do it. This story is from Madison, Wisconsin, where a conversation between Jason Hamielec , 29, and Brian Johnson, 28, was monitored by a 911 police dispatcher.

Misters Hamielec and Johnson had, according to authorities, just stolen DVD's and computer games from a Madison Target store.

Somehow, the cellphone of one of them self-dialed 911...and police listened for an hour while they talked about the robbery.

" At some point it became crystal clear to that dispatcher there was an open phone line inside a vehicle where two suspects are talking about a retail theft and going somewhere to cash in merchandise for money" Said Joel DeSpain, Madison Police Spokesman.

Matter of fact, the two men specifically described their blue Dodge Durango getaway car, and decided the local Video X-Change was the best place to get the best prices for their loot. Police were waiting for them when they arrived there.