Nightside Pick: A Day of World Records

By WEEK Producer

November 17, 2011 Updated Nov 17, 2011 at 11:18 PM CDT

Thousands of people around the world marked Guinness World records day with record-breaking attempts of their own.

Some are a little silly, and others more than a little scary.

Dublin, Ireland
In a distinctly Irish record attempt, 262 people crowded into a theater in Dublin dressed as leprechauns. Needless to say, it was a world record.

Hamburg, Germany
In Hamburg, a German stuntman ran a record-breaking 131 yards with his protective clothing on fire. That was a record for longest distance full-body burn without oxygen.

London, UK
Back to silly: In London there was a race between the world's fastest toilet and the smallest car. Both were beaten by the world's fastest disability scooter.

Hamburg, Germany
and from the scary catagory: in Germany, Joe Alexander set a record by catching four arrows out of the air in two minutes...blindfolded.

Pinellas Park, Florida
And here in the states, Florida's Bernice Mary Bates has been presented with a certificate naming her the world's oldest yoga teacher. She's 91-years-old.