Nightside Pick: A Truly Green House

By WEEK Reporter

November 18, 2011 Updated Nov 18, 2011 at 11:19 PM CDT

Imagine having a four-bedroom house with a pool and not paying a dime on your electric bill.

That's about to become a reality in Florida.

It doesn't look like much right now but in April this construction site will be the first platinum green home in Miami Beach.

The ultra-modern home is "sustainable luxury."

It's a 3,200 square foot house so green; residents won't pay an electric bill.

The pool cleans itself. It has geo-thermal air-conditioning. It even comes with an ipad that controls everything.

City officials are hoping this will encourage more green building in the area.

However, the off-set of not paying an electric bill: the asking price of the house is $2,190,000.